EXCLUSIVE: Mark Ballas and BC Jean Releasing Music Documentary, Joke About 'Sexy Time' in the Studio

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Mark Ballas
and BC Jean are giving fans a glimpse into their personal lives.

The pair, who wed in November
and together make the band Alexander Jean, opened up to ET exclusively about their decision to release their behind-the-scenes video journey of the making of their second EP, High Enough. And trust us – there’s a whole lot of cuteness and talent to be seen.

“It kind of follows us from driving up from London [to a little town outside of Wales] - going from the big city into literally the middle of nowhere. I mean it's just fields and sheep and a studio in a cottage in the middle of nowhere,” Ballas, 31, explains.

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“I think we just, we love to create, we love to inspire and we're inspired by inspiring so as much as we can share - we're loving that. We love to do that with our fans,” adds Jean, 29.

The duo joke about the size of the quaint city by noting there was just one pub they could visit during their recording tenure and the documentary will show viewers what their life in the studio – as a couple – is really like. That's something even they admit is sometimes hard to balance.

“I think the hardest part is turning it off and just being like, 'OK, let’s not talk about work, let’s not think about work, let’s just be in love for tonight' … we always have something to do and we always have great ideas so we constantly want to work so I think that’s the biggest struggle,” says Jean.

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The former Dancing with the Stars pro jokes they’ve had “all” the arguments – but how they resolve them is what keeps them strong.

“We respect each other so much that if one of us is really like 'I’m telling you, I really feel it in my heart of hearts that this is what it’s meant to sound like, what the message is meant to convey' then usually the other one will be like ‘alright, cool.’”

And clearly, there are perks to mixing business with newlywed life.

“When you get writer’s block, you can just make out and have a little sexy time,” jokes Jean.

Ballas agrees – noting touring with your spouse is also one of the advantages. Spending so much time together also lends itself for to better art.

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“The cool thing is that we vocal produce each other…. I can hear if she’s not 100% relaxed, she can hear if I’m getting frustrated,” says Ballas. “She gives me balance because I could be in there all day obsessing over it and sometimes you have to be able to walk away.”

“It just works and it’s fun and she keeps me calm and it’s fun to create with her and her voice is my favorite sound – period,” he adds. *swoon*

The untitled documentary will be released on their YouTube channel this Friday, Aug. 4.

Stick with ET for more from our sit-down with the duo – including whether Mark plans to return to Dancing with the Stars and how they plan to spend their first wedding anniversary.

You can also check out our full FB Live chat with Alexander Jean below.