Britney Spears' Las Vegas Show Derailed When a Man Storms the Stage and Is Body Slammed by Security

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Britney Spears was clearly shaken up when her Las Vegas show came to an abrupt halt.

While Spears was performing "(You Drive Me) Crazy" on Wednesday night during her concert at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, a man rushed the stage and was immediately apprehended by security. In a video taken from a concertgoer, the security guard can be seen wrestling with the man before body slamming him on the side of the stage. The man is then seen hopping up with his arms flailing, and this time, some of Spears' male backup dancers jump in to help hold him down.

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Not long after that, Spears is made aware of the situation by two men from her team, and is heard saying into the microphone, "What's going on? ...Oh no!" The pop princess is quickly escorted backstage.

ET has learned that police arrested 37-year-old Jesse Webb for trespassing, and was transported to the Clark County Detention Center. Webb was asked to leave the concert by security prior to him jumping on stage and dancing.

Concertgoer Jonathan Groce tells ET that he saw two men in the first section of the venue that were quite rowdy during the show, and were climbing over chairs and taking their shirts off. “The two men were drunk and wouldn’t put their shirts back on,” Groce recalls. “Security pushed one of the men against a wall. That man started hitting the security officer. And that’s when the other man ran down the aisle and jumped on stage during ‘You Drive Me Crazy.’ That’s when everything came to a complete stop. That’s when Britney said, ‘Is everything OK?’”

Groce says that while security was quick to tackle the man when he stormed the stage, it took about five minutes for them to actually restrain him and get him off stage. “The dancers and security completely surrounded her and tackled him to the ground. The whole show stopped,” he notes. “We saw Britney get whisked away by her security people. This guy was putting up a fight. The audience was very supportive of Britney yelling, ‘Leave Britney alone,’ and cussing at the guy.”

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"It was crazy," one of Spears' dancers also told ET. "The boys jumped into protect mode and we all piled on him with two security guards. We formed a barrier between him and Britney."

"We are very protective of her," the dancer adds.

Another dancer tells ET that "[Spears] was crying because she thought one of the dancers broke their back." The singer cried when she was escorted off the stage right after the man was subdued. "We're surprised she went back on [stage] but she was fine."

The show, however, did go on once the man was removed. Groce says Spears returned to the stage after a couple minutes and asked the audience, "Do you want to hear one more?"

"The lights came back on and people started screaming their heads off," Groce remembers of Spears continuing her performance. "Britney was very professional and continued on like nothing happened."

This was the 35-year-old singer's first show back following a brief hiatus. "Feels so good to be back in Vegas!! #PieceOfMe returns tonight!," she tweeted ahead of the concert.

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She also shared her excitement on Instagram, writing: "Missed being on stage... ready for Vegas tonight! I'm sooooo excited to see you all!!!"

This was also one of Spears' last shows as part of her Piece of Me residency in Vegas, which started in 2013 and will end in December.

Spears' dancers have been known to come to her aid mid-performance in the past. In October, one of her performers sprang into action when the pop princess' halter strap on her bra top broke in the middle of her singing Joan Jett's "I Love Rock 'n Roll." Check it out:

Reporting by Joseph Corral.

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