Netflix Drops First 'A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby' Trailer: Watch!

Christmas Prince Baby

The third film in the franchise will hit Netflix Dec. 5.

Aldovia's population is about to grow by one!

On Wednesday, Netflix released the first trailer for A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby, the third flick in the streaming service's much-beloved franchise.

The third installment follows the now-married King Richard (Ben Lamb) and Queen Amber (Rose McIver) as they await the birth of their first child. 

"I've been thinking. I want this baby to have a normal life," Amber tells Richard in the trailer.

Though Richard points out that their child will be the heir to the kingdom, Amber insists, "I went to public school and I was riding the subway by myself when I was 10."

"We'll find a new definition of normal together. But no subway riding," Richard quips in response.


In addition to navigating their child's impending arrival, the fictional royals also have to contend with hosting another royal family in order to renew a sacred truce. The all-important treaty vanishes, though, and peace is jeopardized as an ancient curse threatens their family.

"The treaty is missing and if we don't find it, our baby is cursed," Amber warns.

The first flick in the franchise became an immediate hit for Netflix when it debuted in 2017, as fans were delighted with the story of a young journalist who falls for the king-to-be as she's trying to get a scoop and he's putting off his coronation. Netflix followed up the hit with A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding in November 2018, which showed the ups and downs of planning such a lavish event.

While some criticized the romantic, slightly cheesy films, others were delighted by them for the same reason. When ET spoke with Karen Schaler -- the writer of the first film  -- she revealed that she was happy with all the comments, even the teasing ones.

“I love all the feedback. I love the ones like, ‘This is so bad it’s good and I have to watch it 20 more times.’ I was dying,” she admitted. “Even the people who thought it was corny and ridiculous seemed to enjoy it and watch it. People loved picking on the poor little Christmas Prince, but all I said was, ‘Thank you for watching and I appreciate it all. Keep the comments coming.’”

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby will hit Netflix Dec. 5. Watch the video below for more of Netflix's Christmas content