Netflix Lands Two 'Knives Out' Sequels

Netflix has acquired the rights to the next two 'Knives Out' sequels that will reunite director Rian Johnson and Daniel Craig.

Two sequels to the murder mystery film, Knives Out, are coming to Netflix. ET can confirm that Netflix has acquired the rights to the next two Knives Out sequels that will reunite director Rian Johnson and star Daniel Craig

According to Variety, the streamer is dishing out $450 million for the rights to the next two follow-ups to the 2019 film.

Knives Out was distributed by Lionsgate and went to earn $311.4 million on a $40 million budget. Johnson was also nominated for an Oscar for best original screenplay for the film.

The star-studded whodunit revolves around a murdered crime author, the deceased's dysfunctional family and a celebrity detective dead set on exposing their deepest, darkest secrets.

Knives Out 2 is set to dive deeper into Craig's character, Benoit Blanc. The sequel will focus on detective Blanc as he investigates a new case.

Johnson told ET at the Knives Out premiere in November 2019, that he hoped to make a spinoff with Craig "every few years." 


"We had so much fun doing this. If we could get together every few years and do a new Benoit Blanc mystery... just do, like, a new cast, new location, new mystery about a whole new set of things, I think that would be a blast," he shared. "But we'll see."

Johnson also credited Craig for getting the rest of the Knives Out cast on board. 

"Once we had Daniel, we were making the movie. And I think from there on out -- I mean, he made it easy, because everybody wants to work with Daniel Craig. So, it was like a snowball going down the hill. All these actors started jumping on," he said. "There was no one I had to get on my knees and beg -- thank God! I'm shocked, because you look at this cast and you would think I had to sell a kidney to get one of them!"

According to multiple reports, casting is underway for the Knives Out sequels. Production is hoping to begin in Greece in late June, although dates and an exact location have not yet been revealed.



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