Neve Campbell Calls Planned 'Party of Five' Reboot 'Wonderful' (Exclusive)

ET caught up with the actress on the red carpet at a special screening of her new film action film 'Skyscraper,' and she dished on the long-awaited reboot of her beloved TV series.

Neve Campbell is fully on board for the planned reboot of her beloved drama series, Party of Five.

"I think it's really wonderful," Campbell told ET's Kevin Frazier at a special fan screening of her new film, Skyscraper, in Hong Kong on Saturday.

Dishing on the new, reimagined direction the Freeform drama project will be exploring, Campbell said, "They're going to make it a Mexican family of kids whose parents are taken across the border from them. 

"You know, in the same way that our family lost their parents and had to find a way to survive," she added, referring to the overarching plot of the original Party of Five series. "It's going to look at that story which a lot of people are dealing with so I think it's really prevalent."

News of the planned reboot first broke in January when Freeformannounced that a pilot was being penned by the series' original creators.

The reboot will focus on the five children in the Buendias family as they try to navigate life after their parents are deported back to their native Mexico.

The original Fox drama ran from 1994 to 2000, and followed five siblings of the Salinger family after their parents are killed in a drunk-driving accident. It's unclear whether any of the original cast -- including Campbell, Scott Wolf, Matthew Fox and Lacey Chabert -- will appear in the reboot if it goes to series.

Meanwhile, the 44-year-old Campbell will be kicking butt on the big screen in Skyscraper, where she stars opposite Dwayne Johnson. Campbell plays Sarah Sawyer, a woman who must protect her children from terrorists and a fire while stuck in a burning skyscraper as her husband, Will Sawyer (Johnson) fights to save them.

Campbell says she's excited to show her sons -- 6-year-old Caspian and 5-month-old Raynor, whom she and boyfriend J.J. Field adopted earlier this year -- how awesome their mom can be on the big screen. However, they may have to wait a little longer. 

"I'm going to wait a little while to show it to them, because it might be a little scary for a six-year-old and a five-month-old certainly, but in time they'll see it," Campbell shared.

Skyscraper hits theaters July 13. Check out the video below to hear more about the exciting action thriller from Campbell's larger-than-life co-star, The Rock.