New 'Bachelor' Promo Teases Heather Martin's Return and Escort Rumors: Matt James Weighs In (Exclusive)

The new promo for Matt's 'Bachelor' season promises plenty of drama ahead!

On Monday's season premiere of The Bachelor, Matt James met 32 women intent on winning his heart. But there are plenty more surprises on the way this season -- including more women!

Following the premiere, a promo for the upcoming season showed the introduction of several more women, including a possible escort and a buzzed-about Bachelor Nation alum: Heather Martin. Heather was a contestant on Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor, where she became good friends with Matt's quarantine pal, Hannah Brown, and departed after sharing her first-ever kiss with Colton.

"It shakes things up a lot," Matt told ET on Monday about the upcoming additions to his cast, though he wouldn't give any hints about how things played out. "You've got to tune in for that. You know I can't give everything away."

As for those escort rumors, Matt said viewers will learn more about that as the season unfolds.

"I'm excited about getting to the bottom of that," he teased. "Everyone there was very interesting and unique in their own way."

Matt is new to the Bachelor franchise, having never previously appeared on The Bachelorette or another spinoff. Fans don't know much about the commercial real estate broker, but he did reveal in promos that he has had trouble opening up in the past due to the trauma over his parents' split when he was a young child. 

"That was huge," he said of how it has affected him. "That was kind of a crutch coming into this. Like, I don't want to force something. I don't want to put myself in a situation to hurt somebody or be hurt, and that was a realization I came to in quarantine. You're never going to be more so or less so ready to experience this. You just gotta go into it, and I'm glad I did."

There are clearly some emotional moments to come for the new Bachelor. In the promo, he's also seen sitting on a curb, crying, and telling host Chris Harrison that he's "not OK" during a dramatic moment.

"I'll say this: There's things in my personal life that I try to avoid, which are uncomfortable conversations. Conversations about your family, conversations about your feelings, just, as a man, that's a hard thing for me to have," he admitted. "So when you have to address those things that held you back in relationships past, that kind of emotion comes out. I had to address it and that's how the emotion came out."

"There's nothing wrong with crying," Matt added. "This whole journey is emotional, and when you get to form the feelings that I have for these women in the process, it's like it's inevitable."

Ultimately, it seems like the journey was a positive one for Matt, who revealed to ET that he didn't think he had ever been in love until his experience on The Bachelor.

"Love to me looked different before I got to Nemacolin [where the show filmed] because of what I experienced up to that point," he shared. "And yes, I guess I'd say I haven't experienced love until I got out there." 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. PT/ET on ABC. See more from the upcoming season in the video below.