New York Mets Star Francisco Lindor on Balancing His Baseball Career With Marriage and Fatherhood

Francisco Lindor
Nick Garcia

New York Mets player Francisco Lindor told 'Haute Living New York' about how he gives everything to his baseball career and family.

Francisco Lindor is dedicated on and off the field! The 29-year-old Mets player sat down with Haute Living New York to explain how he balances his baseball career with marriage and fatherhood.

“Before my family — my wife and my daughter — baseball was probably 85% of my life. Now, it has shifted a little bit,” he tells the magazine. And despite the slight shift, Lindor gives his all to both aspects of his life, and appreciates the safety they each provide him. 

Nick Garcia

“I signed the contract with the Mets for 10 years. Can they trade me? I’m sure they can, but in my mind, I have security. No matter what it is that makes you feel secure, that’s always the best,” he explains. 

“In a relationship, when you go from just talking to dating to being engaged to marriage, your relationship just continues to grow. It’s the same thing with the Mets. I signed this long-term commitment; I feel secure, and I’m ready to give everything I’ve got to the organization and my Mets family,” the professional athlete adds. 

When carving out time for his relationship with wife, Katia Reguero, whom he shares 2-year-old daughter Kalina with, the baseball player puts in effort so that they can evolve together. 

Nick Garcia

“My wife and I have been together for four years; I’m learning her ways, and she’s still learning mine. It’s a fairly new relationship, but we try to grow every day. And from what I’ve seen, I’ve learned that we definitely need to put work into growing together, because if we start to grow in different ways, that’s a problem,” he tells Haute Living New York

“I ask questions. I try to understand, and my wife has taught me to listen to her. With Katia, I have learned to try to communicate a little better.” 

Beyond keeping open communication, Lindor also likes to show his love by taking care of his family and spending quality time together. 

Nick Garcia

“As I got older, signed higher contracts, and became wealthier, I was able to get myself nicer things. But the most important thing then was to take care of my family, and to this day, it's still the most important thing," he shares.

"Luxury is the ability to get yourself things that bring you joy, and for me, joy can be found in getting a nice stroller for my daughter, watching a nice TV when I’m sitting by myself on the couch, having a personal chef. I have a nice weight room at my house. I don’t have to leave my house to work out — that is a luxury. Being able to take my daughter to Disney World — even though I don’t like theme parks — that is a luxury, too."