Heidi Reveals Secret to Marriage with Seal

Good Housekeeping

Heidi Klum seems like she has it all but her road to finding love with musician husband Seal wasn’t easy.

The supermodel appears on the cover of Good Housekeeping and speaks out about her awkward phase before she was a Victoria’s Secret Angel, her struggle to make sure she is raising considerate children and her rocky road to finding love with her husband, Seal.

The couple met while Heidi was pregnant with Leni, now 7, and she was no longer with the biological father of her daughter. Heidi bumped into Seal in New York City and she immediately felt something. The couple would be married in Mexico in 2005 and each year they renew their vows in a themed ceremony.

“It’s a sacred, special moment for us where we tell each other how we feel about each other. I get asked so many times, that I ask myself, Why does [our marriage] work so well? Maybe it’s just because it’s real. We love each other. We love our kids. We have fun with each other and in all the stages in our lives we go through together. What I wanted in a partnership is that I could still be who I am. There are many days where I don’t want to put on makeup. I want to be loved just as me.”

Heidi and Seal’s large family includes Leni, sons Henry, 5 and Johan, 4 and Lou, their baby girl who just turned 18 months but that doesn’t mean that they don’t find time to spend as a couple.

“We like to have fun with each other. We do have four kids.”

Good Housekeeping is on stands April 12th and to read more about Heidi Klum’s journey, click here.