'Dancing' Star Petra Prepares for Paso


After tying with Hines Ward for last week's highest score, supermodel Petra Nemcova and Dmitry Chaplin are hard at work on the follow up to their highly rated waltz.

Having to perform the difficult Paso Doble this week, Petra was amused to find Dmitry's scribbled notes on how the dance should proceed. "Yesterday I discovered a paper," Petra said. "I thought it was a math exam with some doodling, and then I realized that it was actually the plan for the Paso."

When talking about why he needed to sketch the dance out on paper, Dmitry said, "It's a really difficult song to do the dance to. It's very big and very dramatic. It's going to be okay, it's a big challenge for both of us."

Adding to the challenge of the Paso Doble is the fact that all of the music this week will consist of classical songs.

Despite the challenge of a harder dance and difficult music, Petra is excited about their new routine. "The choreography looks amazing, so I'm very excited to start learning it," Petra said.

Watch the video to see behind the scenes at Petra and Dmitry's dance rehearsal.