Watch: Mother/Daughter Duos Throw Down In 'Big Rich Texas'


Style's new reality show "Big Rich Texas" follows the lives of five mother/daughter duos that belong to the same upper class country club and it doesn't take long for the drama to kick into high gear at this Dallas hot spot for the elite.

In the first clip, socialite mother Bonnie lectures her rebel daughter Whitney at the club over a vulgar tattoo that she has and won't cover up. The tattoo soon causes the other mothers to talk behind Bonnie's back about her parenting skills.

In the second clip, Bonnie gets into a fight with another mother, Pam, at a country club party. The insults fly as each other's style choices and parenting skills become the topics of ridicule.

To catch more of these ladies of society and their lives at a popular Dallas country club, check out "Big Rich Texas" which premieres on Style July 17, 2011 at 9 PM.