Charlie Sheen's Character Killed Off in 'Two and a Half Men' Premiere

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Looks like there really is no going back to hit show "Two and a Half Men" for Charlie Sheen. According to a report, the ninth season premiere will feature Charlie Sheen's character Charlie Harper's funeral, as well as the debut of his replacement Ashton Kutcher.

Charlie's numerous ex-girlfriends on the show will reportedly come back for the funeral, and his house will be put on the market. The premiere, which will air in two parts, deals with his home's potential buyers (the list is expected to include surprise real-life celebrities), which is where Ashton's character comes in. Only the deal's not that simple -- reportedly, Ashton will not be the owner of the deceased Charlie's home by the end of the episode, thus extending the storyline into part two of the premiere.

Though the reboot of hit comedy "Two and a Half Men" without star Charlie Sheen has been under intense secrecy, says it is indeed confirmed that Sheen's character is dead -- perhaps not a shocker given executive producer Chuck Lorre's intense public and legal battle with Sheen.

But as the sitcom's already buzzed-about new promo pic says, "all will be revealed" on September 19 -- the premiere date for season nine of "Two and a Half Men".