First Look: Dr. Conrad Murray's Police Interview

Getty Images

During day nine of the Michael Jackson death trial, Dr. Conrad Murray got to tell his side of the story via a recorded police interview that took place shortly after Jackson's death and the transcript has been made available.

Much of the conversation between Dr. Murray and police has already been made public knowledge, from Murray's work history with Jackson to the doctor's attempts to save his life, but some other interesting facts, according to Dr. Murray, came to light:

- The highest dose of Propofol Dr. Murray ever gave to Jackson was 50 mg

- Jackson had went to many doctors to help him with his many ailments prior to Dr. Murray, including Dr. Adams, Dr. Klein, Dr. Lee and Dr. Metzger

- Of the many doctors he went to, Dr. Lee was said to have given Jackson a special "cocktail" to flush his system and provide more energy, a similar concoction given to Los Angeles Laker players the year they won the championship

- Jackson never allowed security in the house, not even for bathroom breaks. Murray said he was told that they used a gas station around the corner, and had subsequently requested that security has access to at least the guest bathroom for security purposes.

- Dr. Murray was requested by Jermaine Jackson and AEG's Randy Phillips to review their press release of Jackson's passing to make sure it was ok with him

Read the transcript to see Dr. Murray's interview with police in its entirety.