Hilary Swank: 'Shame on Me'

Getty Images

Hilary Swank is still dealing with the fallout from an October appearance at the 35th birthday party for Chechnya's president Ramzan Kadyrov -- a figure the Human Rights Organization has accused of being one of the world's most notorious human rights violators.

The actress, who has already issued an apology and fired her entire management team, brought her contrition cabaret to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Friday, where she once again took total ownership for the oversight.

"Shame on me. The bottom line is, I should know where I'm going and I should do better research," she said regarding her reported ignorance of the event she was attending.

Following her appearance, The Human Rights Watch said they had tried to warn Swank of her dangerous destination, to no avail. Messages, the actress says, she never received. "The silver lining is, I'm actually working with The Human Rights Watch now," the two-time Oscar winner added.

As for the appearance fee she received (rumored to be in the mid-six
figures), Swank says she donated all that money to charity.