Jessica and Ashlee Compare Pregnancy Cravings


Jessica Simpson's little sister Ashlee was the first of the two to welcome a child (son Bronx Mowgli Wentz in 2008), but with Jessica's ever-growing baby bump, they now have the opportunity to exchange notes -- and as it turns out, the siblings share some similarly odd cravings.

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"I would eat cake, green olives and tacos," explains Ashlee of the grumblings provoked by baby Bronx.

"I like going back to my childhood and eating pop tarts and random stuff that I ate when I was a kid," confessed Jessica, adding she's also partial to "French fries, grilled cheese, chicken nuggets and tater tots." But above all, the mommy-to-be says "toasted peanut butter and jelly [sandwiches]" is her number one go-to snack.

The sisters are incredibly close so it's no surprise they've collaborated on Jessica's tween clothing line, Jessica Simpson Girls, both serving as co-creative directors. "It's both of our input. It's both of our styles," said Jessica, describing their collaboration as a mixture of each of their styles to make "a really cute girl ready for school."

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Jessica Seinfeld was also on hand for the launch to jointly promote the ten year anniversary of Baby Buggy, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing families in need across the U.S. with essentials for their children aged 0-12. "What's so nice about [the Simpsons] is that they've made Baby Buggies such a big part of [this event]," Seinfeld told ET. "They've made giving back to other people in the world such a big part of their lives." To find out how you can help, visit