Buzzmakers: Princess Theodora, Jane Fonda and More

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Some of this week's top stories in the entertainment world include Princess Theodora of Greece's role on The Bold and the Beautiful, Jane Fonda on her plastic surgery, Angelina Jolie's willingness to having more children, Chuck Lorre's belief that Ashton Kutcher saved Two and a Half Men and the new details that emerged from Miss USA's DUI arrest.

Her Royal Highness Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark will probably be known as Allison to some as that's her character's name on the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. "I've been studying [acting] for a while," Theodora said. "I decided that's what I wanted to study in college, and then after college I went and took my masters at a drama school in London and then I decided to move [to Los Angeles]."

Actress and feminist Jane Fonda went on The Rosie Showto express her disappointment for going back on her promise to not get plastic surgery. "I was walking down the street and I saw a reflection of myself in the window and it scared me," Fonda said when explaining what led to her decision. "I feel so good and I look so tired."

Angelina Jolie opened up to Marie Claire and expressed her love for partner Brad Pitt, the family he's provided for her and even talked about possibly having more children in the future. "Nothing planned at the moment," Jolie said when asked about the possibility. "We just don't know. I could end up pregnant."

Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre spoke candidly with ET and called Ashton Kutcher the show's savior. "If Ashton hadn't come along the show would be over," Lorre said. "[Kutcher] really did save the day. It really was mighty mouse to the rescue time."

Earlier this week, ET obtained the police report of former Miss USA Rima Fakih's DUI arrest. The police report said Fakih "immediately identified herself as Miss USA" and told officers she had not been drinking. Police observed a half-empty bottle of champagne in the back seat as well as her "very slurred speech."