Octomom Open to Doing Porn After Bankruptcy

Getty Images

Nadya "Octomom" Suleman has filed for bankruptcy after claiming more than $1 million in debt and says she would be open to filming a pornographic film to generate extra income.

The bankruptcy filing shows that the mother of 14 children owes about $30,000 in back rent payments to her landlord, as well as large amounts to the water department, a satellite TV company and her father.

"I have had to make some very difficult decisions this year, and filing Chapter 7 was one of them," Suleman said in a statement released by her spokeswoman. "But I have to do what is best for my children, and I need a fresh start."

Suleman -- who previously posed for a semi-nude photo spread that earned her a reported $8,000 -- told CNN on Monday that she would be open to starring in a porn film, but only if it did not allow touching or kissing.

"I wouldn't even kiss somebody for money," Suleman told Showbiz Tonight correspondent Nischelle Turner. "I would not kiss somebody. I wouldn't touch somebody."