Michelle Obama Talks Tomatoes


First Lady Michelle Obama is talking tomatoes and a second term to ET, as hubby Barack Obama ramps up his re-election campaign -- and Michelle reveals her successes and failures in the White House vegetable garden!

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Michelle tells ET that the tomatoes in her garden "you can pull right off the vine and they're sweet as anything," and "sometimes when we have visitors, they just sit and pull and pull and sometimes the staff has to stop them, because they'll eat all the tomatoes, but our tomatoes are awesome." When it comes to some other efforts, however, "Watermelon didn't really work; we're just now figuring out the berries because the birds were eating up everything."

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We caught up with Michelle at a D.C. Barnes & Noble signing for her brand-new book, American Grown, just as she and the president are in full campaign-fundraising swing. This Thursday in New York, the first couple will attend a reception hosted by Sarah Jessica Parker, and later that day, they will attend a fundraising dinner at the Plaza Hotel where Mariah Carey will perform. In recent days, both George Clooney and Ryan Murphy have also hosted fundraisers for the president, raising millions of dollars.

"This is going to be a close one, so we're going to welcome any and everyone who wants to step up and support the progress that we've made," says Michelle.