Richards Says Working with Sheen Was 'Awkward'

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From separations to reunions and eventually a bitter custody battle over daughters Lola and Sam, former couple Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen have had more than their fair share of ups and downs – many of them quite publically. But now, six years after their divorce, the twosome is putting their tumultuous past behind them to share the small screen in Sheen's new FX sitcom, Anger Management, which debuts Thursday. However the newly revisited partnership wasn’t without some awkward moments!

On Tuesday, the 41-year-old Richards told Good Morning America about the recent guest appearance she shot with Sheen: "It was more awkward for everyone on set watching. We looked around and were like, 'Everyone is staring at us.'"

The appearance marks the first time that two have appeared together onscreen since their 2006 divorce, as well as Sheen’s TV debut since being fired from his hit sitcom Two and a Half Men last year.

The FX reteaming as well as Sheen and Richards’ Saturday night baseball outing with their daughters, has sparked talk that the former on-again, off-again couple is on again once more. 
Richards also addressed the reconciliation rumors on GMA, "Truly, we were just at the game with our kids. There is nothing more." She added, "People are trying to make more out of it," she said of the media speculation.  "When they don't see us together we're at each other, but when we're together they think we're back together. But it's for our girls. It's for them."

Richards, who adopted daughter Eloise last year, also candidly talked about the possibility of having more children.

"I always saw myself with a big family and I don't think I'm done," said the star of the Tyler Perry film, Madea's Witness Protection. "I always say you never say never. But I think, as a single parent, three is a charm so we'll see what happens."