First Photos of Giuliana & Bill's 'Miracle Baby'

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First Photos of Giuliana & Bill's 'Miracle Baby'

On August 30, Giuliana & Bill Rancic welcomed son Edward Duke (via a surrogate) into the world and today they're giving everyone their first look at the baby boy!

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Life & Style has the first photos and interview, where the new parents gush over the long-wanted addition to their family! "I had always heard that when you have a baby it completes your life — and it's true,” Giuliana tells Life & Style. "I love my baby, and I love my new role."

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"Every day he's changing — it's just remarkable to see," Bill adds. But Edward Duke isn't the only one changing! "It's amazing how maternal instincts have taken over, and Giuliana's just supermom," her hubby raves. "It literally brought tears to my eyes the other day watching her with Duke."

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"I'd never changed more than a diaper or two in my life," Giuliana laughs. "Now it's like the littlest things that make me happy. I couldn’t believe that all those years of struggling and the tears actually paid off. Every shot, every doctor's visit — in the end, when you're holding your baby in your arms, you forget it all, and it's worth it -- [I'm] happier than I've ever been."

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