Inside Ryan Guzman's Birthday Bash


After a remarkable 25th year of his life that included his breakout role in Step Up Revolution, Ryan Guzman celebrated his birthday in style at AV Nightclub in Hollywood.

"A lot has changed in this past year," Guzman said behind his birthday cake, which was designed with the logo of his favorite baseball team, the New York Yankees. "I mean, doing six commercials and a movie within nine months is kind of crazy...I really love acting, and it's been a life-changing new venture."

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Prior to the recent launch of his acting career, Guzman was a mixed martial arts fighter and also modeled in Calvin Klein underwear ads.

As he reflected on his previous occupations, the Texas native revealed his birthday wish as "to continue on doing interesting roles and different roles, and have a successful career."

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Joining Guzman in celebration of his birthday, which is officially this Friday, were his friends and many of his fellow Step Up cast members, whom he anticipated would be eager to hand him birthday drinks in excess.

"Whatever is liquid in a cup, they'll give it to me, so hopefully...I survive the night," he said.