Farrah Fawcett's Co-Star: 'She Is a True Angel'


Farrah Fawcett only acted in the first of Charlie's Angels five seasons, but the late actress had a tremendous impact on pop culture and her cast mates in that one season, and now, as the series releases a full DVD set, her former co-stars Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd wish that she could be alongside them to celebrate the show.

"I wish we could all, actually, at some point be in the same room together," said Ladd, who came on the show after Fawcett's departure. "That would be pretty amazing, and I wish Farrah was back."

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Although she passed away in 2009 after struggling with cancer, Fawcett's essence as a cultural icon has continued to live on as steadily as her famed 1976 red one-piece bathing suit poster was once pasted in homes around the world.

Smith, who acted on all five of Angels' seasons, had high praises for the woman with whom she maintained a close friendship until her passing.

"I know how brave she was and the courage she showed," said Smith, who was the only actress to remain an "Angel" over the course of the series. "You think of a girl like Farrah, who everything's been great for her in her life...and great success, you sometimes think, 'Is she going to be able to handle that kind of battle in life with courage and grace?' and she did. So, she deserves the best. She is a true angel up there now."

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As part of Fawcett's status as a cultural icon, her unique hairstyle started a worldwide trend that lasted for years. Smith revealed that she still styles her hair like Farrah once did and mentioned it as the thing that she was the most influenced by her beloved co-star.

Smith also discussed the fame and fortune that came along with the immediate success of the series, which soared to the top of TV rankings in its first season.

"That first season, we became rock stars," she reflected. "We didn't stand in line at the movies; we didn't have to stand in line at Disneyland--my nephews reaped the benefit of that. It just was kind of amazing."

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Check out the full interview to hear what Smith thinks of the Angels remakes, and find out why Ladd wanted to slap her on the show. The full 27-disc set of Charlie's Angels' five seasons is in stores now.