Emmanuel Lewis Fondly Remembers His Late TV Dad


Former Webster star Emmanuel Lewis lost his beloved television father Alex Karras on Wednesday to kidney failure, and in this touching interview with ETCanada, he lovingly reminisces about their close relationship on set.

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"Alex was a really cool guy," remembers Lewis. Though intimidating on the outside, the former Detroit Lions lineman "was the gentle giant" with the young star.

"Everybody that was older knew how [much] of a scary guy he could be, but when dealing with him on the set he was very protective of me," he said. "We would always have lunch together, on more occasions than not, and we would sit at the dining room table on the set, we would go to one of our rooms and we would have our own meals and we would run lines and do stuff together."

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Karras, who died at the age of 77, enjoyed 12 seasons in the NFL before beginning a career in Hollywood. He is best known for playing George Papadapolis on Webster, the adopted father of Lewis' character, who lost his parents in a car accident.

Watch the video for more. Lewis also sends his condolences to Karras' family as well as speak on the Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation, a passion project for which he sits as chair.