Britney Spears' Parents On Trial

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Sam Lutfi, a former confidante to Britney Spears, is claiming that he was made a scapegoat for the pop star's mental breakdown in a civil trial against Britney's parents and conservators, Jamie and Lynne Spears.

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The Associated Press reports that Lutfi's attorney, Joseph Schleimer, told a panel on Thursday that his client tried to keep the singer from using drugs but failed to control her, leading to her hospitalization and conservator placement.

According to the news source, Lutfi also claims that he agreed to serve as Spears' manager for 15 percent of her earnings and is now seeking a portion of her fortune. Schleimer reportedly claimed that, as Britney's manager, Lutfi ran a search of her home, using drug-sniffing dogs that found "a substance the Grammy-winner told Lutfi was probably crystal meth."

"He was terrified of being her manager when she overdosed," Schleimer said.

Lutfi is suing for libel based on passages in Lynne's 2008 book, Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World, which he claims portrayed him as being manipulative towards Britney, according to the AP.