will.i.am Gives Back to His Childhood Neighborhood


In addition to establishing himself as a pop superstar in the music world, will.i.am is also known for his many charitable endeavors. ET recently accompanied the musician to the Los Angeles neighborhood where he grew up, where he surprised some students with the news that they would be provided with thousands of dollars to be used for college savings accounts. 

The star unveiled the plan -- which is part of his TRANS4M Boyle Heights initiative to make positive changes in the neighborhood -- which provides $100,000 in seed money for 50 ninth graders to be used for college. "In the next 20 years, I want to transform Boyle Heights," he said. "I want it to go from a city that's riddled with families that aren't financially literate. From renters to owners… from dropouts to graduates… from jobs to careers."

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will.i.am -- who is partnering in the program with JPMorgan Chase bank -- said he is attempting to show his dedication to the kids by providing each student with a $2,000 bank account to help them become financially responsible.

Watch the video to find out how will.i.am plans to extend the program to additional cities around the country and to hear some of the students react to his generous gift!

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