Adriana Lima Reveals Kick-Butt Fitness Secrets


Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima is one of the Angels starring in tonight's much-anticipated televised fashion show and we caught up with this supermodel/mom in the gym, where she demonstrates how intense boxing workouts helped get her back in to shape after giving birth to her second child in September.

"The doctor gave me the okay about three weeks after I gave birth and literally two days after that I started working out -- every single day, two times a day," Adriana said, adding that she kept up the same vigorous pace right up until the taping of the fashion show, which airs tonight at 10 p.m. on CBS.

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We also spoke with Adriana's trainer, former professional boxer Michael Olajide, who co-founded the AeroSpace fitness studio in New York where she and other celebrities work out. Michael said his unconventional approach to exercise can produce the perfect all-round results for his clients.

"A lot of other exercises, especially cardio exercises, teach you how to run, dance and cycle, so you're using your legs. With aero boxing, you're using your core and your arms," said Michael. "So you're using your upper body to get a great cardio workout, but you also get the great abs, and the beautiful arms, and everything else to go with it."

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Adriana said her trainer has been a great motivator. "You need to sacrifice to get the best results and I always got the greatest results with him." For his part, Michael said Adriana's commitment makes his job a lot easier. "Adriana has the mind of a fighter. She's extremely competitive, she always likes to be at the best of her game. So I don't feel that it's a challenge for me at all. I put the challenge out there and she always accepts it."

Watch the video to see Adriana kick some serious butt in the boxing ring and to also hear her advice for Kate Middleton as she prepares for motherhood.

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