Linda Gray Pays Tribute to Larry Hagman


While spending over a decade as Larry Hagman's onscreen wife in the classic '80s series Dallas, as well as the 2012 reboot, Linda Gray remembers Hagman well. In a recent interview with ET, she painted a portrait of the man who became a household name through the character of J.R. Ewing.

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Gray said her last moments with Hagman were spent in his Texas hospital room. While Hagman seemed to sense his death approaching, he continued with a positive outlook, refusing to put on a sad face for those around him.

"We giggled and laughed for two hours," said Gray. "He got rosy cheeks and he was so excited about all of the good things that were coming. And that was the last time we saw him."

On November 23, Hagman passed away from complications related to chemotherapy at the age of 81.

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Gray described her dear friend as "one of a kind."

"He touched everybody in the most delightful ways," Gray said. "He was a child at heart. He was a consummate actor. He took care of everybody ... I said at the memorial, 'Like Steve Jobs said: We're put here to put a dent in the universe.' He made a giant dent in everybody's heart."

Season two of the Dallas reboot premieres January 28 on TNT.