5 Facts About Director J.J. Abrams

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J.J. Abrams is reportedly set to direct the new Star Wars, but who is this super force in Hollywood? Here are five facts about the acclaimed 46-year-old movie man:

5. Though he's most known for his sci-fi shows and films, Abrams started out co-creating the television series Felicity (1998–2002), starring Keri Russell. He also composed the music for the opening credits.

4. Other TV shows Abrams has had his hands in include: Alias (2001–2006), Lost (2004–2010), Fringe (2008–2013), Undercovers (2010), Person of Interest (2011–present), Alcatraz (2012) and Revolution (2012–present).

3. Abrams first job in the biz was reportedly when he was 16 when he wrote the music for Don Dohler's film Nightbeast.

2. Abrams got into the family business. He is the son of television producer Gerald W. Abrams and executive producer Carol Abrams. His sister is screenwriter Tracy Rosen.

1. He founded the production company Bad Robot that produces many of his TV shows.

Do you think Abrams is the right man for the Star Wars job?