Anderson Details Parcel Sent By ex-LAPD Fugitive

Anderson Live

The manhunt continues in the mountains of Southern California for Christopher Jordan Dorner, the ex-LAPD officer accused of killing three people including law enforcement members, wounding two others, and posting a manifesto on Facebook threatening "unconventional and asymmetrical warfare" against police. Anderson Cooper received a parcel from the fugitive containing a coin with bullet holes in it, and he detailed his feelings about it on Anderson Live.

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"It's a very strange feeling," said Anderson. "This man, Dorner, had written a lengthy manifesto on his Facebook page naming a number of reporters, and he had mentioned me. He said I should stop interrupting guests. He had little advice for me, but he was in general complimentary, but he clearly had a message that he wanted to get out to reporters, and I am sure he sent them to other people as well."

The CNN newsman explained that he was unaware that he had even received a parcel from Dorner as he receives a large volume of mail: "It arrived February first at our offices at CNN, he sent it to me directly," he said. "As you can imagine, I get a lot of mail and a lot of it sometimes is from folks who have issues or are disturbed one way or another, so I actually don't end up seeing a lot of the stuff, and it usually just gets forwarded on to security folks, as was the case in this. So, I didn't know that I had been contacted by this person until just yesterday."

As for the contents of the parcel, Anderson singled out "a coin with three bullet holes in it, and it's a coin that formerly belonged to Will Bratton, who was the head of the LAPD, who was his chief. … I don't know if those are actual bullet holes or if he just punched something through them." He also said it contained "a couple of messages, as well as a DVD, and obviously we alerted law enforcement."

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Anderson concluded, "He's still on the loose and police are obviously still looking for him, and it's a very serious situation. If anyone does see him, he is considered armed and dangerous and they should contact their local authorities. It's a crazy, crazy time."