Dr. Drew: McCready's Death Won't Be the Last


In the wake of troubled country singer Mindy McCready's apparent suicide, Dr. Drew Pinsky is tackling criticism in regards to his Celebrity Rehab series, where McCready appeared as a patient, and urging more diligent care for those with addiction issues.

McCready, 37, was one of nine stars who sought help from Pinsky in season three and ultimately the third to die from their demons (as well as the fifth patient death in the show's history).

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Speaking on the disturbing trend, Pinsky acknowledged that McCready, like others who are or have been under his care, are deeply troubled and in need of continual treatment.

"I'm certain she's not the last [to lose their life to the disease]," Pinsky told ET's Rob Marciano on Monday, just one day after McCready passed away from a reported self-inflicted gunshot wound. The singer originally sought treatment from him for alcohol and prescription drug abuse.

He adds, "If somebody has a deadly disease that requires chronic treatment… [and] are not, everyday, involved in that treatment, their life is in danger today."

Pinsky also points out that it has been years since he has been tasked to care for the troubled star. In light of the recent tragedy, Pinsky condemns the inaction of those medical professionals responsible for treating the troubled star.

"What's awful to me is that she was allowed to go home where there was a firearm," he said.

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McCready was pronounced dead Sunday afternoon after sheriff's deputies were called to her Arkansas home after gun shots were reported. Officers reportedly found Mindy McCready's body on the front porch of the home.

McCready had attempted suicide in the past, having been hospitalized in 2008 after she cut her wrists and took several pills. Her passing follows the shooting death of boyfriend David Wilson on January 13.

A public memorial will be held in Nashville in the coming days for Mindy McCready following the singer's apparent suicide on Sunday.