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Prince Michael Jackson, the late Michael Jackson's eldest son, has been parading as a special correspondent for ET since February and soon after tried his hand at acting on an episode of 90210 that will air in mid-May. At the Target Presents AFI Night at the Movies, Hollywood heavyweights in the form of Cher, Sally Fields, Samuel L. Jackson and Harrison Ford, to name a few lined up and dished out some advice for the fledgling actor as well as divulged their favorite moments in film.

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"He wants to have a voice in some artistic endeavor, some artistic voice. He has to make his own imprint, his own vision as to what he wants. It doesn’t matter whose son he is," Sally Fields said when asked if the veteran actress had any advice for the 16-year-old following in his father's legacy. "And good luck to him. It's a tough, tough business. It isn't friendly."

AFI or the American Film Institute works to preserve the history of motion pictures, honor the talent and educate the next generation. The special one-night only event brings together Hollywood legends to present some of their title pictures from through out the years. Fields was there presenting the 1979 drama Norma Rae as well as the 1987 southern classic, Steel Magnolias, along with co-star in the film, Shirley MacLaine.

"I'd tell him to go to NY and do some theater. Learn how to act. Anyone can be a personality or famous, everybody can't act, said Samuel L. Jackson who was there to present the 1994 cult classic, Pulp Fiction.

“Hanging out with John [Travolta] and getting to know Quentin [Tarantino] for the first time and realizing he was the kind of filmmaker he was and the amount of fun he had making films translated to the amount of fun I had making films," Jackson said of what his favorite part of filming the movie was.

Presenting her 1987 rom-com, Moonstruck, Cher said the memorable scene when she slaps Nicolas Cage was almost a one-take.

"I think we only did it twice. We did it once and we were already set up for the shot, so we did it again."

Joining the cast of the third season of American Horror Story, Kathy Bates, was at the event presenting her 1990 psychological thriller, Misery, based on Steven King’s 1987 novel of the same title.

"I think it tapped into a horror that a lot of people have being in a situation where they are adored by someone they can't stand. I'd like to do it all over at a different age."

As far as what Bates can offer in advice for Prince Michael, she said "do the work."

"Anyone who wants to call themselves an actor should do the duty, should really go to class and earn the ability to call themselves an actor. I don’t care if they are Michael Jackson’s on or not."

Prince Michael Jackson's 90210 episode airs on Monday, May 13 on the CW at 8/7C.

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For more from some of the screen legends at the event and their advice for Prince Michael Jackson, check out the video above.