Is Ryan Seacrest Leaving 'Idol'?


With recent news of the announcement that top 'dawg' American Idol mainstay Randy Jackson is leaving the show and rumors circulating that Justin Bieber would be a good fit to fill his seat, ET caught up with long-time Idol host Ryan Seacrest backstage after the part-one finale performances to ask whether he thought Bieber could do the job.

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"I think Bieber would make a great host. I think he would be good at the phone numbers and he would fit in my suits," Seacrest said.

When asked by ET whether this meant Seacrest was still planning on staying on the show or not, the E! News anchor said, "I don't want to say yes and then get a call tomorrow. As far as I know, yes. I'm coming. I'm showing up. Hopefully, they'll let me in."

With some reports suggesting that current judge Nikki Minaj has also confirmed her departure and that Mariah Carey and Keith Urban might soon be on her heels, Seacrest said it's too soon to tell.

"Aside from Randy saying he's leaving, this season at the end is really no different than seasons past -- with rumors that circulate about the panel. But nothing's really announced until we get through the finale, announce the winner, maybe sleep in on Friday and then get back to work."

The second episode of the two-part finale of American Idol Season 12 airs live May 16 and it all comes down to finalists Kree Harrison and Candice Glover. The finale will feature the return of former judge Jennifer Lopez, 43, who is set to perform. Her guest appearance comes a week after reports surfaced that the Jenny From The Block singer is considering a return to the show's judging panel.

"I love her. She was a great part of our family, so if the powers that be think that that makes sense, I"m here to host," Seacrest said. For now, well wishes went around for Randy Jackson and his future endeavors after spending 12 seasons on Idol.

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"I hate to see him go. He and I have become really close. We've become really good friends throughout the years," Seacrest said. I hope it's not forever. Don't leave us forever Randy."

"It's sad, but what a season for him to still be here. I think Candice and Kree, really the top 4, were extraordinary this year, and this show tonight was absolutely remarkable," said panelist judge and country crooner Keith Urban.

During part-one of the season finale, Call Me, Maybe singer and Canadian Idol top three finalist Carly Rae Jepson guest performed her fan-crafted song, Take A Picture, and finalists Kree and Candace introduced their new singles to the world.

After months of competing, Season 12 all comes down to tonight when the fate of Kree and/or Candice will be forever changed upon being crowned winner of American Idol. When asked by ET whether they have thought about the option that they might not win, they both responded that at this point, it didn't matter.

"Whatever happens, Candice and I are so happy to be here and proud of each other either way. We're going to continue to make good music and do our thing after this competition…We're sisters and we're supportive. You have to be in this industry," said Kree, who introduced her new single, All Cried Out.

"Idol has already changed my life. I'm not used to walking out to a crowd of 7,000 people and having people holding up signs and screaming your name and stuff so it has definitely changed my life already. I think it will be like this times ten if I win," said Candice, who performed her single I Am Beautiful.

Part-two of the Season 12 American Idol finale airs tonight at 8 p.m. on FOX.

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