Amanda Bynes Plans To Sue NYPD And Become A Rapper


Amanda Bynes continues to provide updates to Twitter followers after her arrest last week and on Tuesday used the social networking site to claim that her lawyer was seeking to have the case dropped and reiterated earlier denials of any drug use at her New York apartment.

"My lawyer is getting my case dropped! There was no proof of sexual harassment or drugs," the 27-year-old actress tweeted. The latest posting referred to her own allegation of sexual harassment by an NYPD officer involved in her arrest on May 23.

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Police were called to Bynes' home after the doorman
at her building called to report that she was smoking marijuana in the
lobby and acting erratically. She was arrested on charges of
reckless endangerment, felony tampering with evidence and criminal
possession of marijuana after police claimed that she tried to destroy evidence of her drug use
by throwing a bong out the window of the apartment.

Bynes earlier took to Twitter to announce plans to sue the NYPD for sexual harassment. A spokesperson for NYPD Internal Affairs said in a statement to ET on Tuesday that investigators "have found no evidence to corroborate Ms. Bynes's allegations. To the contrary, a credible civilian witness who was with the officers throughout told investigators that none touched Ms. Bynes inappropriately or otherwise engaged in misconduct at any time," the statement said.

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"Instead of me asking for the cop to be arrested for sexual harassment, I
want my case dropped as well," she tweeted in her latest posting on Tuesday. "His punishment will be being the cop who
sexually harassed someone who would never find him handsome enough to be
my boyfriend. That's worse than any time in jail. But I am suing him
for money compensation. I love having more money in my bank."

The actress also tweeted plans to file a lawsuit against her
apartment building management over the incident and revealed her
intention to become a rapper.

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Before Bynes was booked, she was taken to New York's Roosevelt Hospital to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.
Bynes is currently on probation for driving with a suspended license and has a pending DUI case stemming from a 2012 arrest. She is scheduled to be back in court regarding the May 23 incident on July 9.