Kim Kardashian Before the Fame


Long before the Kardashians became the subject of multiple reality series and a household name, they were already showing an affinity for being in front of the camera.

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ET has obtained lost home videos of Kim Kardashian at her eighth grade graduation where she gave a spot-on prediction of her future.

"Does everyone want to get a tape of this?" asked Kim. "I hope you do so you can see me when I'm famous."

ET also dug up footage from a surprise party for patriarch Bruce Jenner in 1996, celebrating the twentieth anniversary of his Olympic gold medal.

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Shortly thereafter, the Kardashians arrived at Centennial Park in Atlanta for the '96 Games following a terror attack. Bruce had Kim and Kourtney in tow to show that there was nothing to fear.

"It's a safe place," said Bruce. "The city of Atlanta's been doing a wonderful job, and it's just unfortunate that one fool messed this thing up, but hopefully we're back on track now."

Watch the video for more.