Diana Ross' Kids in a Sitdown for the First Time


ET gained access to Diana Ross' one-night-only event at the Hollywood Bowl on Saturday, gathering all five of Ross' children for their very first interview together.

It was a complete family affair as Ross, Tracee Ellis, Evan, Rhonda and Chudney all showered their mother with the highest praise.

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"Our mom is a mom before she's anything else, so I think that created a sense of normalcy for us," Tracee said when asked what it was like growing up. "The legacy that my mom leaves and what people know of her from her career doesn't really hold a candle to who she is as a mother and as a person."

Some of the kids even took part in the concert: Rhonda sang and Tracee Ellis introduced her brother Evan before he performed for only the second time in his budding career.

"It was fun!" said Evan, whose new single Truth Is will be released this fall. "I'm super excited that I'm not in front of that many people anymore."

"Tonight there was this full-circle experience to be apart of what we grew up watching our mom do," said Tracee. "To be apart of it in that special way was kind of magical."

As for their mom being known as a "diva," Tracee said, "If diva means on time, prepared, always professional, graceful, sophisticated, elegant ... then I would love to be a diva, too."

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