Angelina Jolie's Surgeon: I'm Honored She Chose Me


Earlier this year, Angelina Jolie revealed that she'd undergone a secret, preventative double mastectomy due to a genetic predisposition to breast cancer. Her surgeon, Dr. Kristi Funk of Pink Lotus Breast Center, recently sat down with ET's Brooke Anderson to share inside details of the Oscar winner's struggle, and educate other women about the procedure.

"What she did is astounding because she could have kept it a secret," Dr. Funk praised of Jolie's decision to come forward with her experience. "No one ever had to have known what she did."

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Back in May, Jolie broke the news via a New York Times op-ed piece after being told by doctors that she carried a "faulty gene" that increases the chances of breast and ovarian cancer to about 87 percent and 50 percent, respectively. The 38-year-old actress lost her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, in 2007 after a decade-long fight with ovarian cancer.

According to Dr. Funk, Brad Pitt was by his fiance's side for all three operations, which included reconstructive surgery.

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When asked if she was ever intimidated by the couple's star power, Dr. Funk said that their visits were not unlike any of her other patients'.

"Oddly, I was not intimidated. My head was telling me I should be but I never was. And I was very honored that she chose me as her surgeon."

Click the video for part one of our sit-down with Dr. Funk, plus interviews with both Angelina and Brad. Stay tuned to ET tomorrow for part two.

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