Jewel Gets Us to ReThink Public Housing with PSA


Singer-songwriter Jewel has joined the fight for public housing and has become the ambassador for the ReThink initiative, an organization that raises awareness of the plight of those in need of a place to live.

Jewel is working to spread the word about the organization by appearing in a powerful PSA that really cuts to the heart of this issue.

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"Take 10 seconds to imagine the face of your best friend, your co-worker, your classmate, your hero. The face of a veteran, a senior on a fixed income," Jewel implores in the PSA. "Now I want you to imagine them without a home."

"More than 2 million people in America rely on public housing to provide a home for their families," she continues. "And there are at least half-a-million waiting for a safe place to live."

VIDEO: Jewel Premieres Two Hearts Breaking

Check out the video for an interview with Jewel about how being homeless herself has shaped her view of what a having a home means, and why the cause is so important to the nation.

For more information visit, or you can find ReThink on Facebook at, or on Twitter @ReThinkTweets.