ET's TOP 5: Celebrity Hospital Pics


Even when they're at their worst, these celebs still keep their fans in the loop. From Pink to Justin Bieber, check out these five celebrity pics posted from hospital beds.

The No. 5 spot goes to Dancing With the Stars contestant Jack Osbourne, who in March 2012 posed with his wife Lisa Stelly for a twitpic. He captioned the vulnerable photo, writing: "This is what you look like when you have your appendix removed."

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In at No. 4 is Glee guy Chord Overstreet who also tweeted from his hospital bed. Making light of the situation, Chord wrote: "Had to get a spinal tap in the hospital. Not fun!"

In June 2012, tough-girl pink landed herself in the hospital, tweeting: "Stomach flu sucks, but morphine doesn't."

Check out ET's TOP 5 video to see what twitpics landed the No. 2 and No. 1 spots.

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