Kathie Lee Criticizes Kris on Jenner Split?

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Long-time Kardashian family friend Kathie Lee Gifford gave Today viewers some insight Wednesday morning into Kris and Bruce Jenner's recent split.

"Who says I can't keep a secret?" she joked, confirming that she was already aware of the news.

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She was also surprisingly candid when speculating about what went wrong in the 22-year marriage.

"I'm not making any excuses for them by any means, but just so many things going on, so many products," she said. "Last time I was at Kris' house, if you walk through her house, in every different room of the house, somebody was meeting with somebody about a new deal. If it's always about the deals -- and she does want to strike while the iron's hot -- if it's always about a deal going on and you can't find your husband in your house, or your wife in your house, and your kids because there's so much going on -- it's just gotten out of control."

She also commented on the family's increasing wealth.

"We get so lost in this crazy world that we think if we could just get the new car, we'll be happy. If we just get to move to that neighborhood, we'll be happy. If you're not happy right where you are now, there's a chance you never will be," she said.

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She also revealed that the long-time married couple do not have a prenup.

"They do not have a prenup and nobody has called their lawyer yet," she dished. "There's gonna be a lot of money to divide up if they end up doing that. I'm hoping for the family's sake that they're gonna be reconciled. They really do love one another and they still do have a lot of fun together."

Lee is the godmother of Bruce and Kris' daughters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

"I'm just worried about them," she said of the two teenagers.