Monteith's Dad Wishes He Could've Said Goodbye

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Ahead of tonight's Glee tribute episode, Cory Monteith's estranged father Joe spoke out about the grief he's endured since losing his son.

"It's just ripping my insides out and tearing me apart," Joe, 63, told Peopleexclusively.

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According to the news source, Joe last saw Cory two years ago after not seeing him for 11 years. As Joe wasn't consistently in Cory's life, he reportedly wasn't allowed to see his son's body before it was cremated.

While Joe wishes that he could've said goodbye to his son, he vividly remembered their last encounter, which involved a heart-to-heart about his split from Cory's mom.

Joe Monteith and Ann McGregor divorced in 1989. Joe claimed that his military job restricted him to seeing his family only once every six months. On top of that, Joe claims that Ann consciously kept Cory and brother Shaun away from their father.

During their last face-to-face meeting, the father and son also spoke about Cory's addiction struggles and Cory reportedly promised his dad that he was clean.

"I lost my son," says Joe. "He should have known not to touch that drug again."