Oprah's Epic Yard Sale


Finally Oprah Winfrey's fans can literally own the media mogul's personal style, as she's paring down her estate this weekend with what could be the world's biggest yard sale.

"I've been accumulating things since 1985," Oprah told ET's Nancy O'Dell. "It's just too much stuff."

The yard sale features hidden treasures from Oprah's homes in Hawaii, Indiana and California, but don't expect regular yard sale prices. One doll is expected to go for more than $5k.

"I'm getting rid of some of the dolls because when people come to stay with me, they say they get scared with all the dolls," said Oprah.

The most expensive sale is said to be a Louis XVI chest of drawers.

"I had to twist her arm to get her to part with this," said auctioneer Frank Kaminski, who believes the chest could fetch between $30k-$50k.

"I'm trying not to be attached to things," said Oprah, who preaches the benefits of de-cluttering in her O magazine. "But it's hard," Oprah went on to admit.

One item that was impossible to part with was her 1998 Vogue cover.

"Let's put this away," Oprah said while taking the item off display. "When am I going to look like this again?"

Fans can bid on Oprah's items online with the proceeds going to Lady O's Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa.