ET Crashes Kirstie Alley's Slumber Party


ET's Rob Marciano found himself in bed with Kirstie Alley and Kelly Preston at Kirstie's classic Wichita mansion, but there was a catch.

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Before hopping into the sack, Rob had to don a pair of monkey pajamas to match the attire of the rest of the A-list slumber party.

The occasion was organized to celebrate the weight-loss winners of Kirstie and Kelly's Challenge to Change contest, sponsored by Kirstie's weight-loss program,

The most dramatic success story belonged to Kim Taylor. She lost approximately 160 pounds after maxing out at roughly 330 pounds.

"When I went to the doctor and was told I had some health conditions and that it was either lose weight or get diabetes, I said, 'Now we're going to go on a diet,'" said Taylor.

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