Connor Cruise: I'll Always Love My Mom

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Though there have been reports that Nicole Kidman's relationship with her children with Tom Cruise, Connor Cruise and Isabella Cruise, has been strained since the couple split in 2001, in a new interview with Woman's Day, Connor says that the two's relationship is "solid."

"I love my mum," Cruise, 19, says. "I don't care what people say, I know that me and Mum are solid. I love her a lot."

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"My family means everything," he adds. "Yeah, I love my music, but the family comes before everything else."

Connor has been making his name in the deejay world, though he has had small acting roles in Will Smith's Seven Pounds and the 2012 remake of Red Dawn.

Kidman has previously lamented the fact that Connor and Isabella "chose" to live with Cruise after the divorce.

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"They live with Tom, which was their choice," Kidman told Hello! magazine in 2010. "I'd love them to live with us, but what can you do?"