Idina: Me and Travolta Are 'Buddies'

Getty Images

John Travolta seems to know Idina Menzel's name now! The Frozen star reveals toBillboard magazine that the two have since become friends following him getting her name wrong at this year's Oscars.

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Upon introducing Menzel's performance of Let It Go at the awards ceremony, Travolta called the 42-year-old actress/singer Adele Dazeem. "That threw me for a minute, but then I just got back on track and reminded myself of where I was," she admits.

Menzel says Travolta, 60, did send her flowers and a note following the flub. "He was really gracious and sent this gorgeous email, and we're buddies and it's all cool," she tells the music magazine. "Please. I mean, I've only benefited from it."