Justin Theroux Gives Out 'Drunken Tattoos'

Getty Images

Justin Theroux is an amateur tattoo artist!

Jennifer Aniston's fiance told Vanity Fair magazine that he and his buddy Scott Campbell, a professional, world renowned tattoo artist and Lake Bell's husband, used to ink each other after a "couple drunken tattoo nights!"

"I've tattooed him, too, by the way," Theroux, 42, admitted. "Yeah. I've done a bunch of them. I did a really great wolf's head. I did an amazing skull and crossbones. I did a stunning yin-yang on him."

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He quickly clarified, "Oh, I messed every single one of them up. But he kind of likes it. [Laughs] I did a yin-yang, which is probably one of the worst yin-yangs. We laughed so hard. It might be one of the worst yin-yangs ever made. A little bit egg-shaped."

Theroux added that he is "ruined with tattoos," but for his nude scenes in HBO's Leftovers, they're not covered up. "We figured, you know, I have so many, or the ones that I have are so big, that to cover them would add about two hours in the makeup chair. So at a certain point, I just said to the writer, 'That's going to be your problem. You have to figure out why they're there.'"

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He quipped, "It's so funny because when I did Charlie's Angels, they actually had to put tattoos on, and now they're actually trying to figure out ways to get them off."