Celebrity Veterans: Adam Driver, Drew Carey, Ice-T and More


You might be surprised to learn that many of your favorite stars served their country long before they were famous. And in honor of Independence Day, we are celebrating celebs who have served in the military.

Adam Driver, star of HBO's Girls and the upcoming Star Wars film, joined the Marine Corps. shortly after 9/11 and revealed in the June issue of M magazine that military life gave him the confidence to move forward with his acting career.

"When you get out of the Marine Corps, you feel like you can do anything. That was part of why I went to re-audition for Julliard. I thought, 'Worse comes to worst, I know how to live. I’ll live in Central Park or something. I’ll survive.' You feel like all civilian problems are meaningless and small, which is a complete illusion, but you have this confidence. You've been torn down so much—physically, emotionally, verbally—you feel like you’re indestructible."

The actor also explained to the mag why being in the military was the right choice for him at that point in his life.

"Joining the military was beneficial because I think I had the will but didn’t have the drive or didn’t know where to put it. And I learned in the military where to put it.”

Host of CBS's The Talk and comedian Sheryl Underwood served in the Air Force after graduating from college. Following her success as a stand-up comic she completed two USO tours in Kuwait and Afghanistan, entertaining the troops and even spoke at the ACM's All Star Salute to the Troops in April.

And Sheryl isn't the only comedian join the military. In 1980 Drew Carey enlisted in the Marine Corp and served for six years as a Sergeant. Drew actually began doing stand-up comedy during his service. "While in the Marine Reserves, I was looking for a way to make some more money, and it was suggested that I try using my jokes," he explained. The 56-year-old comedian has also participated in multiple trips to Iraq, doing stand up for the troops.

Check out this video to see which rapper turned actor joined the military when he was only 17-years-old and why!