Kelly Ripa: Botox Changed My Life

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Kelly Ripa is not afraid to tell the truth and we love her for it!

Usually when you ask a celebrity their beauty secret, you'll get a list of products they're spokespeople for or something like "rep lipstick."

But the Live! With Kelly and Michael host got brutally honest.

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When asked about her favorite beauty product by Andy Cohen on last night's Watch What Happens Live After Show, Ripa simply said, "Botox."

! She goes on:

"And I'm not advocating for it one way or another I'm just saying that it's changed my life. It's cut my getting ready time in half. Just because suddenly my eyelids are no longer resting on my eyelashes."

However, as fellow guest Anderson Cooper pointed out, he can't even tell.


"I think the key to everything is knowing what you look like and being a minimalist."

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