Anne Geddes Adorable Babies Are Heading 'Under the Sea'


Anne Geddes new Under the Sea photographs are bringing on the cuteness overload!

Are you ready for cute overload?!

From flowers, to animals, to little angels, Anne Geddes managed to capture babies in a way that no one else can. Now, the award-winning photographer is tackling a whole new theme for her 2015 calendar … Under the Sea

That’s right, Anne has decorated some very itty bitty babies to look like some of our favorite parts of the underwater community including a sea urchin, a seahorse, a sweet little gobi fish, and mermaids. 

ET was with the 57-year-old during one of her photo shoots, and found out that taking these photos is not always an easy task. “There's quite a few babies in Under the Sea,” she said, detailing how old the babies she photographs are. “Newborn babies, which to me are under 4 weeks of age and little six month old babies who really are at the cute age where they're just sitting and they're not crawling. So, they're quite happy to be entertained.” 

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The calendar took nearly a year of pre-production, 12 days to shoot, and 20 babies to complete the ultimate underwater wonderland. While the set up for each scene includes a great deal of detail, her team of six always has to be ready to move fast to accommodate the babies. 

“As soon as the babies come to the studio, everything needs to revolve around them,” she said, going on to joke about what it’s like working with these precious little people. “They are really the ultimate egos. There's no bigger ego than a newborn baby in a photographic studio, because everything has to revolve around them as it should be, you know, otherwise you just don't get the results. You have to make sure that they're happy.”

The Under the Sea calendar is now available online and will be in stores nationwide this fall. And if the calendar isn't enough cuteness, you can also take these sweet snapshots with you everywhere with the new Anne Geddes Visa credit card, which you can learn more about at

Check out the video above to see the unusual props Anne used to turn her vision into a reality!