Katie Holmes Talks Raising Suri Cruise

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Katie Holmes it trying her best to give Suri Cruise a normal life.

Talking to Matt Lauer on The Today Show this morning, Katie Holmes promoted her role as a mother in The Giver and spoke about her real-life role as the mother to 8-year-old Suri.

Matt Lauer asked her point blank if the uber famous actress can give Suri the normal Toledo, Ohio upbringing that Katie had as a child.

To this question, Katie responded, "I think, of course, you try your best. I try very hard because I am very grateful for my upbringing and my parents and siblings. I try to do what they did for me for my little one."

Katie also opened up about motherhood and what is important to her. "The most important thing for me is letting her know how proud I am and that her accomplishments mean everything," Holmes said. "Whatever I do is whatever. It's really just about her."

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Admitting she's a risk taker, Katie is "excited about the future." You can see her in The Giver, opening August 15 in theaters and as the lead role in Miss Meadows, which is expected to debut in theaters in the fall of 2014.

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