12 Surprising Things We Learned From Robin Williams' Reddit AMA

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In late 2013-- before Robin Williams' CBS sitcom The Crazy Ones premiered-- the Oscar winner took to Reddit for one of their Ask Me Anything (AMA) online events - where site users are encouraged to ask whatever they've always wanted to know about the famous participant. In this case, Williams got quite candid.

Robin Williams died on Monday, August 11, at age 63. The celebrated comedian and actor had been battling depression, according to his representative, and is suspected to have died of an apparent suicide.

One quote that stuck out in the wake of Williams' death is a question he answered from a Redditor who wanted advice, as he was going through a hard time in his life. The actor's words of support were succinct but poignant.

However, the comedian's energy and excitability poured out during the entire, and very long, AMA session, revealing a whole assortment of things that were more than a little unexpected.

In his own words, here are the most surprising revelations from Robin Williams' 2013 Reddit Ask Me Anything session.

(Note: These exchanges are taken from the internet, so there are a few examples of possibly offensive, NSFW language.)

1. Robin Williams Loves Anime:

2. Robin Williams Reveals His Favorite Director:

3. Robin Williams Talks About His Alcoholism:

4. How Robin Williams Made Jack Nicholson Mad:

5. Robin Williams Improvised Most Of The Genie's Dialog in Aladdin:

6. Robin Williams Went To A Sex Shop Dressed As Mrs. Doubtfire:

7. Robin Williams Called Steven Spielberg To Cheer Him Up When He Was Shooting Schindler's List:

9. Robin Williams Absolutely Loves Video Games:

9. Robin Williams Reads To His Daughter In Funny Voices:

10. Robin Williams Loves The Tabletop Miniature Wargame Warhammer 40K:

11. Robin Williams Reveals The Hardest Movie He's Ever Made In His Career:

12. Robin Williams Love Pugs:

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