Family Parodies 'Baby Got Back' in an Adorably Embarrassing Back To School Rap Video


This family should never rap again ever and it's adorable.

The Holderness family is sending their two kids back to school, and decided that couldn't happen without producing this cute but also undyingly cheesy rap video for YouTube.

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The parody is called "Baby Got Class" off of Sir Mix A Lot's decidedly less family friendly classic, "Baby Got Back," and it might be the sweetest thing ever that should never have happened.

They cover all the basics, like summer vacation.

And whether mom packed a healthy lunch.

She did.

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There is one moment where dad commits a little too hard to admiring his daughter's backpack.

But ultimately, it's dedicated to teachers, which is pretty cool.

And hey, if well off families can't poorly appropriate hip hop culture with delightfully awkward YouTube videos that lack in self awareness, then WHY WAS THE INTERNET EVEN INVENTED?

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This isn't the Holderness' first foray into the "super sweet" but also "oh my God, MAKE IT STOP" music video game. They also made this Christmas Jammies song.

Verdict: This is a tongue-in-cheek, fun, back to school music video made by what seems like nice people. Let's just enjoy our temporary entertainment, and let the children be embarrassed about it when they're old enough.

Also, this is not the most shocking use of Sir Mix A Lot's classic song this summer. Nicki Minaj did a whole thing with it in her new song "Anaconda." Watch the video below.